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Computational Alloy Design for Additive Manufacturing of Orthopaedic Implants

The aim of this project is to design new high-performance orthopaedic metal composites and hybrids that can be fabricated by additive manufacturing. A key requirement for the design and deployment of such complex materials at minimal computational cost are top-down, performance driven, reduced order meta-models that incorporate a complete spectrum of process conditions and properties but that are sufficiently accurate to support engineering decision making.

To overcome this barrier, we need to develop quantitative reduced order models that are based on multiscale simulations across different stages of the materials and product development process. The design method will follow a materials systems approach and use thermodynamic simulations to establish microstructural constraints and calculate the kinetic parameters; constitutive models to estimate the mechanical properties; and include a multi-objective genetic algorithm to optimize the chemical composition and the processing parameters.


Professor Graham Schaffer, Dr Tesfaye Molla

Position requirements

An Honours or Masters degree in materials science and engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, physics or chemistry. Experience in computational science and engineering and the use of materials databases will be an advantage.


Professor Graham Schaffer,