Yu Xia

Thesis Title

Robotic Haptic Object Identification

Research overview

Haptic object identification plays an important role when the identification process needs to rely on the information provided through the physical interaction between the end-effector and the objects, or when the process cannot be conveniently achieved by other means. However, there is only a limited fundamental understanding of haptic identification. Therefore, this research focuses on studying haptic object identification in isolation to understand the extent of its capabilities. Two questions were investigated in this project: how to improve the efficiency (use the minimum number of haptic actions to identify the object) and the accuracy of the haptic object identification.


Prof Denny Oetomo

A/Prof Bernard Chen

Dr Alireza Mohammadi

Prof Ying Tan


M.Eng. Mechanical Engineering, The University of Melbourne, Australia (2018)

B.Eng. Vehicle Engineering, Southwest Jiaotong University, China (2015)