Xiruo Cheng

Thesis Title

Investigating user volitional influence on foot placement when using user balanced exoskeleton designed for pilot with spinal cord injury

Research overview

Predefined trajectory generation methods are usually utilized in assistive lower limb exoskeletons due to their simplicity and predictability. Meanwhile the dynamics of human-exoskeleton system can be affected by volitional movements of the users’ upper body during each movement. This deliberate user influence on the resulting gait may possibly enhance the embodiment of lower limb exoskeletons and improve the capability of human-exoskeleton systems to deal with varied environments with offline trajectory. Therefore, this study presents an investigation into how the user may volitionally influence the dynamics of the human-exoskeleton system to achieve given goals without changing the exoskeleton's robotic trajectory.


Prof Ying Tan

Prof Denny Oetomo

Dr Justin Fong


M.Eng. Electrical Engineering, The University of Melbourne, Australia (2018)

B.Eng. Electrical Engineering and Automation, Tianjin University, China (2016)