Yangmengfei Xu

Thesis Title

Muscle Synergy Adaptation in Physical Human-Robot Interaction

Research overview

This project seeks to observe and analyse human motor adaptation at the muscle level and then induce a specific muscle activation change by providing a force field using a robotic device. It will have the following objectives. Design and develop the human motor learning toolbox for the 2D and 3D manipulandum robotic devices. Analyse the human motor adaptation at muscle level in a reaching task by exposing the movement in stochastic force fields applied by a robotic device. Investigate the feasibility of inducing human motor adaptation at the muscle level by providing a task space intervention without explicit error feedback.


Prof Denny Oetomo

Prof Ying Tan

Dr Vincent Crocher


M.Eng. Mechatronic Engineering, The University of Melbourne, Australia (2018)

B.Eng. Electrical Engineering, The University of Liverpool, United Kingdom (2016)