Thermodynamics seminars

CFD in aero combustor design

2:00–3:00pm Friday 18 January 2019

Venue: Level 3 seminar room, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Ruud Eggels


During the last decade, the importance of CFD in combustor design has increased significantly. This is due to the development of improved methods, but for a large part also through the availability to larger computational resources. The latter enables the inclusion of sufficient details in the simulations. The design of our last developed combustor has been heavily guided by CFD.


Dr Ruud Eggels received his PhD in combustion modelling at the University Eindhoven in the Netherlands. He joined Rolls-Royce more than twenty years ago. At Rolls-Royce, Dr Eggels is responsible for managing combustion methods development and related research projects within the combustion and turbine department.

In his position, Dr Eggels has worked at the interface between the scientific and industrial worlds, such that he is responsible of initiating and supporting fundamental combustion research, in addition, to bring them into an industrial environment to improve the predicting capability of combustion processes. He is currently a member of the board of directors of the German Section of The Combustion Institute.

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