Designing a three-wheeled off-road electric scooter

Student-designed electric scooter on its way to market

A group of mechanical engineering students have designed an electric off-road three-wheeled scooter that could soon be hitting the shelves in the growing personal vehicle market.

Their prototype has attracted an industry partner who already markets an off-road skateboard.

Designed by Penelope Grigor, Nicholas Kosmidis, Darrell Lee and Rinkesh Shah, the scooter provides greater stability for riders than a skateboard. Its top speed is 40kph and it can travel 40 kilometres before needing recharging. Its independent suspension system can handle rough terrain, while lightweight materials and a folding mechanism make it easy to transport.

The prototype was developed as part of a final-year engineering capstone project, where the group worked closely with an industry partner. The team won the 2020 Endeavour Research, Innovation and Commercialisation Prize, announced at the Endeavour Exhibition for Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology students.

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