Our department is one of the largest in Australia providing research and teaching of mechanical engineering, mechatronics and industrial engineering.

Jason Monty

Professor Jason Monty
Head of Department of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering applies human and material resources to the design, construction, operation and maintenance of machines (supported increasingly by sophisticated computer technology) to move people, goods and materials; generate energy; produce goods and services; and control pollution and dispose of wastes. It interacts with all other branches of engineering, and is increasingly involved with other disciplines such as medicine and biology.

The department is one of the largest in Australia. In the QS World University Subject Rankings for Engineering 2017 for Mechanical, Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering we are ranked 1 in Australia and 44 in the world.

We provide teaching into subjects in the three-year undergraduate degrees of Bachelor of Design and Bachelor of Science, which can be followed by a two-year professional Master of Engineering.

A notable feature of our graduates is their versatility, the breadth of skills they have acquired and the fundamental nature of the knowledge gained from their studies. This equips them for responsibility in a wide range of activities, making available a choice of career directions and providing flexibility in the face of new leadership opportunities as society develops.

Graduates from the department can be found in responsible positions in all phases of engineering throughout Australia and overseas. Some of the industries in which recent graduates are playing leading roles include automotive, aircraft and biomedical.

In laboratory and research work, students have access to well-equipped laboratories for materials testing, engine/turbine testing, wind tunnel investigations, simulation and metal forming processes. A heavy engineering workshop is also available for the manufacture of testing facilities and research apparatus.

Engineering design, which draws on the School’s extensive computer facilities in computational mechanics and its access to the latest design software, is now established as an area of study and research and liaises effectively with numerous industrial partners.

The departmental philosophy is to attract and retain the highest quality staff available in order to maintain a vigorous research effort. Our strategic plan is to address the most urgent contemporary problems of our rapidly developing industrial society, with investigations into autonomous systems, biomechanics, fluid mechanics and thermodynamics.

The department welcomes both domestic and overseas students and encourages exchange programs with other universities. If you wish to pursue your mechanical engineering education with us or spend an exchange year in the department, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Professor Jason Monty
Head of Department of Mechanical Engineering